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The Quantitative Finance Society is the leading markets-focused financial analysis club at NYU Stern. For 8 years the club has educated students about trading, the markets, portfolio management, investment analysis, and the macro economy.



  • Yahoo Finance
    • #1 Financial News site out there. It's free and has tons of stuff. Our I-Banking Comrades love this puppy (except for financial filings...they like EDGAR for those)! What do we love about Yahoo!Finance? The cool Charts Beta. Check it out here.
  • Google Finance

    • #2 Financial site (debatable). I like it for its simple interface and interactivity. Also has some neat js features such as the company execs listings.

  • MSN Money

    • We like this one because it shows us the majority owners for every stock.

  • EDGAR Search

    • Best site for finding accurate company filings (it has to be...it's run by the SEC).

  • MarketWatch

    • Just check out the features you can see with the advanced charting abilities (on the left)...we'll say no more.

Code Heavy

  • SourceForge Financial

    • In case you didn't know...SourceForge is an open-source community, and having source code to efficient financial analysis programs makes our insides tingle

  • QuantLib

    • Open-Source technical analysis program. Comes with large community support and documentation. Check it out!

  • Global Derivatives Spreadsheets

    • Has a ton of spreadsheets. Ideally, we'd like to do the same; except we'd do it with style: open-source. GD's are closed, which makes us unhappy.

  • MetaStock Formulas

    • For those who use MetaStock, here's a giant hub of formulas you can input

Math Heavy:

  • SITMO Equation List

    • Bunch of equations available in various formats. We'll put up something like this eventually.

Chart/Term Glossaries

  • FM Labs

    • See our "RAND() $$$ Chart" blurb on the right? We get our fillers from them. Good site. Missing a few indicators, but they are #1 in our book because they include the equations for every chart they list!!!


    • 'WOW' is the first word that comes to mind. Not only do these guys have the most comprehensive chart list (with the inventors), but they have links for source code, equations, and more for 90% of the charts. Enjoy!

  • Prophet

    • Not a bad list. They also have good chart samples with longer explanations than FM Labs. List is shorter than TADOC but on par with FM.

  • Equis MetaStock

    • Ok site. Much, much longer explanations with charts; however, they pester you to register every couple pages...

  • Borsanaliz

    • The longest explanations and the shortest list. They have the major ones though, which is a good start.

Career & Other

  • QUANTster

    • Just tons and tons of job postings for us quants. Always up-to-date, and recommended by the WSJ. Check it out!

  • Quant Recruiter

    • A cool quant's blog. Has some good career advice and book reviews. Check it weekly.

  • Wilmott

    • Just join the forum. No questions need to be asked. It's hands down, the best quant forum there for career advice, coding, math questions, puzzles, etc...


  • Soberlook
    • A macro blog that is updated frequently and favorited by many on the Macro P-Team.

  • Between the Hedges

    • A news / blog post aggregator that compiles macro news & summaries daily.

  • Global Macro Trading

    • Literally what it sounds like, a blog by a global macro trader about global macro trading.

  • Macro-Man

    • A very smart macro trader / thinker that posts online. His musings are generally pretty interesting.

  • ZeroHedge

    • Use discretion when reading this blog, great data but often very extreme left-wing opinions.


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